Thursday, July 29, 2010


I catch myself thinking of you
Thinking how you make me feel
how you put a smile on my face
How this feeling is real
I wonder if you notice me
If you know that i'm there
If you ever think about me
If you know that i care
I wish i could have the strength
To walk up to you and say
That you're the reason i smile
The reason i berathe air
Sometimes i wish i could forget
That this feeling i could erase
But i know it's impossible
Because when i close my eyes all i see if your face
I know i'm not supposed to care
Or feel the way i do
But i can't deny my feelings
When i know they are true
I don't get to see you around much
And it makes me sad
Makes me wish i could have with you
All the wonderful things i never had
Every night i lay in bed
And i think of you
And ask myself a thousand times
Do you think of me too?
Sometimes i see you
Pass outside my door
I look at you and wonder
If it's me you're looking for?
I wish i were the one you turn to
when you're having a bad day
Knowing that i'm the person
Who'll make it all go away
I wish i could be the person
You long for to touch
A person who makes you smile
And for whom you care so much
I can't tell you how i feel
Even though i want to
I just keep on thinking
You wouldn't feel the way i do
i guess you'll never know
About the way i feel
Because deep down i know
It probably wasn't meant to be
You bring joy to my life
And brighten my day
You make me feel better
In every possible way
I wish i had the strength
To tell you how i feel
To tell you that i care
To tell you that i'm for real
The thought of you not knowing
Makes me want to cry
It cuts too deep down
Makes me feel like i'll die
I wish you could look into my eyes
And see the love i have for you
See me for who i am
And tell me you love me too
I hope that someday
I'll have the strength to do
What i always wanted to
And that is to say " I love you"
But till that day comes
I'll watch you from far away
Admire and love you
Like i did till this day
So if you don't know by now
Maybe i'll tell you someday
But till then i want you to know
That i love you, and that's all i'm going to say.

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