Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Letter fOr HER frOm HIM...

Why is it I feel like I do?
Why is it every spare moment i have
is filled with the thought of looking in your eyes?

Only someone who has felt what i feel for you,
Only someone who has spent moments in time with you,
Captivated by who you are, in awe of your spirit as I am,
Only they could possibly know how and why i feel as I do.

I know in my heart no other person has ever had just a fraction
of the love,respect and longing i feel for you,
So i tell you now,
There is no other who could answer such questions,
There is no other who could feel as I do.

You came in to my life when i was lost,
Wandering the web, evenings out,
Searching for something I craved for,
But couldn't quite understand.

You suddenly filled my life with colour,with light,
With new and incredible feelings of warmth, calm
and such unsurpassed electric sexual chemistry.

We are both travellers on this forbidden road,
Journeying together,crossing each hurdle as we
come across them, savouring each moment.

I now that long ago we promised ourselves to others,
That we will never be more than we are now,
Spending brief but so wonderful stolen moments floating
on our cloud.
Our love is forbidden,so wrong to others,
Yet makes our lives complete and whole.

I know you have a very lucky man,
He has you and I hope you will always
be loved as you deserve.
You have so much and I promise you,
It will always be safe,
It will never be anything but secure,
Our love remaining as it must,
Secret,hidden within our hearts.
But I hear myself say,
They are lucky, so very lucky.

Promise me this,
when such a day comes where
our hearts must part,
Once the tears have dried and
your spirit 'so' once more,
You will sit back,close your eyes,touch your heart
and know that although we are no longer together,
I am always there, so very close,
That you need only dream for a a moment
to loose yourself in all the wonderful, magical
and lasting memories we have made together.

I love you so much Her,
Why do i feel this way?
I now know why,
Because ive totally lost my heart to you
and whatever happens in the future,
I know you will always carry a part of me with you.


  1. hUrmphhh..ktew xtau kesudahan hidup ktew cmner kan...hany mampu berharp dan berusahe...:(

  2. ye la...xpe la...if ade jdoh ade la kan...xkan lari kmane..